Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Update on Life in the Family

Where to begin....

The house is still not done with home improvement projects. Well I say that like the house is doing the actual work lol but that's not true. Hubby and I aren't done with the projects though we are getting closer. One would think that since we have been working on this since oh I don't know maybe April we would be done and were supposed to have it on the market before our Hawaii trip late May. It wasn't done but no surprise to me because I knew there was still to much to be done but hubby was insistent we would be done. We have had a coming soon sign in our yard since May, umm and it's July now! How long can you have a coming soon sign before it's not soon anymore? I keep waiting for my realtor to mysteriously show up and take the sign down when I am not looking lol like she put the sign up. I keep praying we'll in the next couple of weekends so we can move on with this.

Our contract on the other house we were trying to build fell though. We were having tons of issues with the builders getting the contract extended and they kept telling us BS and giving us the run around. So we are waiting to get our earnest money back now from the mutual release agreement. So we'll just move into an apt or an existing house once our house sells....if it ever gets on the market!

Onto family news, my mom was told she had skin cancer a few months ago. She had a growth on her ankle and went in and they removed it because it was pretty good size and it came back as cancerous. So then they tell her they need to go in and remove the rest of the cancer to keep it from spreading and/or to make sure it's not spread already. So she was slated for surgery last week with the surgeon. She's in the office, prepped and ready and he comes in and looks and goes out for a minute and then comes back and tells her he's not doing it. She has an appt with the specialist the following week. So her surgery is now on the 10th and I am worried about it because seems off the other guy wouldn't do the surgery and the fact that referrals normally take months with the army and she got in the following week. Will post an update soon as I know.

School Glorious School starts back Aug 6 whoohooo! I can't wait, er I mean I will sure miss my oldest when she goes back. I do love having her home but it's been so hot we haven't done much this summer (outside the Hawaii trip) and a few playdates. Her birthday is coming up on the 2nd of the month as well so we are trying to figure out what do for that as well. I am not sure where the money is going to come from since we are spread thin due to the house stuff and then we need to buy school supplies and clothes.

Well there's the latest and greatest from our end of the world.

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