Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Happy 5th Birthday H!

Happy 5th Birthday!
Birth 3/4/05
1 Yrs Old 
2 Yrs Old
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4 Yrs Old
5 Yrs Old

We celebrated H's 5th birthday this past weekend and I really do mean she had a birthday weekend! We let the birthday girl pick the place they want to eat, and she of course chose Applebees.  There was no doubt in my mind she would lol it's her favorite place. She liked it even more because they came and sang happy birthday to her and she got free dessert. Can't go wrong with that! 

On Friday we had some playgroup friends over to celebrate, they played, they ate, played and ate some more   lol and H had a great time.  She was sad to see her friends leave though, but soon perked up when she learned she would be going to CEC on Sunday. So bright and early Sunday morning we took the kids to CEC (which who knew they opened at 9 am on a Sunday??) and had the whole place to ourselves for about 45 minutes.  PERFECT.  We had pizza/breaksticks/drinks and tokens galore and stayed for about 2.5 hours, they loved it.  I've always hated that place on weekends, but now know that 9 am on Sunday is the best time to go. They will be begging to go back soon, we still have tokens left! 

She got a lot of fun toys for her birthday, I think the "winner" is the zhu zhu pet and house. Oh boy she was so excited opening that present lol now J is jealous and wants to go buy some herself lol. I was thinking maybe the Easter Bunny could bring some. We'll see. 

All in all she had a great birthday and see I stressed myself out trying to figure out what to do and in the end she didn't need a huge fancy party just friends and family!


Jen said...

A late Happy Birthday to H!

Glad she had a great time. Wish we could have made it on Friday.

CEC on Sunday mornings is the best. It's the only time I'm willing to go.

The Workman Family said...

YAY! I'm so glad she had a wonderful birthday! Love the pics. :)

Kelly said...

Awe! Love it! Happy Birthday, big girl! You are getting so grown up!