Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sleepovers, Painting, Couponing & Swelling, Oh My!

Whew what a busy and exhausting week & weekend I have had. I think the title gives it away, that's been my life since Thursday afternoon.  J has been begging and I mean BEGGING for a sleepover with her Girl Scout friends for months now.  It seems every time we tried to plan it, something came up or someone was sick.  So finally during Spring break she got her wish. I had 4, 9-10 yr olds and a 5 yr old that partied non stop for just about the next 24 hours.  Half of them were up til about 2 am and the other half til about 4 am..which means little sleep for mom and dad lol. They all seemed to have a great time though, dinner, movie, popcorn, nail painting, talking and game playing.  Glad it's done and they have all gone back home though :) 

Friday night was my much needed girls night out with 5 other friends.  We had signed up for an art class at a place called Spirited Art. It was a lot of fun, yes I was trying to be a perfectionist on this painting lol but I did manage to put the brush down and walked away.  The great thing about it is, it's not supposed to be "perfect", everyone in class is painting the same thing and yet they all looked different.  My picture is growing on me as the days go by lol but still not sure where and if I will hang it up for others to see. I'll post a picture tomorrow, I haven't had time to take one yet. 

Somehow I thought it would be a good idea to sign up for an "extreme couponing 101" class the next morning.  Umm what was I thinking? I was exhausted from no sleep on Thurs. night, then stayed up late for the painting night and still got up early for Sat morning??? Yes it's quite obvious I wasn't thinking.  ;) However I am glad I went to the class, it was great.  I learned much more than I already knew and feel more confident about couponing and soon will start CVS'ing. If you are interested in learning more, the class I took was held by Jenny, who is the owner & coupon guru of Southern Savers.  In my opinion it was worth the $10 for the class, especially  if you are new to couponing or just want to learn more ways to save money on groceries. 

So this brings me to my final topic, swelling.  First however let me tell you, sitting in a plastic chair for 3 plus hours on Friday night plus another 3 plus hours on Sat morning is NOT good for a 32 week pregnant person. OUCH, I am still sore and it hurts to sit down. So take my advice, don't do it. EVER. Seriously. Listen to me.      So the last day or so I've had some swelling in my left ankle and my leg/foot feels kinda of numb.  It's been that way for several hours this evening and it's driving me nuts. I plan to ask my dr about it tomorrow when I go in for my appointment.  I've also had some contractions, getting a little stronger here and there but not really painful nor radiating from my I am hoping it's nothing as well.  I'll update tomorrow after my appointment. 

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d e v a n said...

Sorry for the swelling! I hope this week is more relaxing. :)