Monday, March 1, 2010

Bills and Randomness

I am so tired of bills lol as if everyone else in the world isn't either! We got our federal tax refund last week, so our plan was to pay off dh's car and my bionic ears.  Thankfully it was enough to do both and leave just a tad bit left over.  Not much though, as I forgot to get taxes taken out of my pay from my job, so that shorted us some. It's such a relief to have those checks written and know they are paid off, and it's freeing up some money each month, which obviously we need due to bebe' g coming soon.

Did I mention coming soon? Yep 11 weeks or less to go and we have nothing ready. Name not picked, crib nor the changing table put together.  I do have clothes sorted, just need to be washed and then find somewhere to put them... I feel like things are piling up fast and here I am overwhelming myself with to much stuff, so I am trying to slow down.

My to do list is growing by the second and not only with baby stuff but life stuff, group stuff and girl scout stuff.  Where does it end? We have 2 months until Relay for Life, which is good and bad.  We've got a lot still to do and money to raise, and I feel lost on all that this time. I don't have the time to dedicate to it, as I have in the past years.  Add in working on HMMT's Spring Fling and just trying to get things ready here at the house, it doesn't leave much time for extras.  That extra would be Girl Scouts. Thank goodness cookie sales is almost over, just another week and we'll be done! Then just a few more meetings to plan before they end for the summer and some fun activities to do during the summer, which I may not get to go to but the girls will enjoy them.

I am probably tempting fate trying to go to one last moms weekend away trip before bebe' g is born.  It's scheduled for a week before Relay and is in Nashville.  I need this, I want this, but am worried I may not get it.  H was born at about 38 we'll see. Fingers crossed!

Enough of the whining, I still have tons to do this week in prep for H's 5th Birthday!

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