Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Time To Get Crafty

I pulled out the old (well new and basically never used, bought 2 yrs ago on clearance) dusty sewing machine out yesterday.  I am on a quest to become more crafty. I once was a crafty girl, learned to sew in school and did pretty well, but that was about 17 years ago. So to say I am rusty, well I am right up there with Mater from Cars and might need a little Rust-eze to go with it., is my friends an understatement. ;) So I dusted it off, literally, and tried to thread the machine yet again and make sure the bobbin was working.  Guess what? It worked, apparently the last few times I tried to use it, I did NOT have it threaded right.  Sigh.  Guess it helps to re-read the directions when all else fails. 

So on my quest, I have been looking at Craftster because I LOVE that site and decided I want to make some pillowcase dresses for the girls. Once I master that I plan to move to a rag quilt, which is much easier (so it seems) to make than a regular quilt. I found some really cute fabric at wally world today for both the dresses and the quilt...but stuck with just the dress stuff today. I have some other fabric that I plan to test out a dress for H and see how it goes before I start cutting on my new fabric for both girls. We'll see how it goes, if it turns out, I will post a picture.  I make no promises though. 

Wish me luck!


Tracy said...

if you want, I can help with the dresses sometime. :)

d e v a n said...

You can do it! Pillowcase dresses are easy. :)

Ambitious Blonde said...

Thanks Tracy might have to take you up on it lol I am trying to get brave and cut the fabric, but need to read some more tuts online first ;)

I hope so Devan hehe