Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Finally, a better day!

Well I finally slept more than a few hours last night, nothing great but still better than a couple hours. I didn't feel like a zombie this morning so that was good, though I did sleep in til 8. My playgroup had a Spring Fling today so I had to get moving lol that must have been motivation enough since I haven't been out of the house in about a week.

Today went well, the munchkin did well, she ran and played hard and slept great for her nap! Now if she will stay out of the kitchen trying to eat every 5 mins we'll be good. I swear shes having yet another growth spurt because even when she eats like a pig she'll come back later " I hungry mommy". Cute but seriously after the 3rd time I am done!

We have some storms coming in tonight and tomorrow so I am hoping that it doesn't make my head hurt to bad, but I can already feel the pressure. JOY! Can't you tell and hear my excitement? LOL Um yah that was a bit sarcastic!

Maybe tomorrow I'll have something interesting to write about LOL.


Melissa S. said...

I'm glad that you finally got a decent nights sleep, it makes a huge difference on your outlook, doesn't it?
My 6 year old is constantly hungry too. I bought her these huge hard pretzels to chew on when I know she actually isn't hungry, just wants to eat, she has no front teeth, so it takes her forever to eat one, plus it keeps her mouth busy for a while too, LOL!

Ambitious Blonde said...

Great idea about the pretzels!