Friday, May 4, 2007

To A New Beginning

Yes that's how I feel this morning after a long heart to heart talk with my dh last night. We really needed it and it took a year or so to make it happen. Tears, sadness, happiness and laughing and making up does wonders for your marriage and outlook on life.

Sitting down and talking about whether we want to have any more kids turned into a talk we really needed to have. Marriage isn't easy and there's been some very rough times the past year or so, mostly due to me ( I think) but we both share the blame. I for once just listened for close to an hour on what he had to say and didn't interrupt except to say I am sorry. That's not something that comes easy to me when it comes to this type of thing.

Have you ever really sat and listened to your spouse, I mean really listened? No tv, no kids, nothing as a distraction but really sat and focused on each other? If not, I really recommend you do it, you will be surprised on what you learn. I found out that I was pushing to hard and complaining about everything (not tech but it felt like it after he finished talking) and not trying to work on things to make them better.

So after much discussion last night, we both are going to try to reconnect, I am going to try to quit being so critical and he is going to try to be more affectionate by showing not telling me he loves me. We also talked about the last year has affected our kids, how we don't spend enough quality family time together. So we are refocusing on our kids as well and I think they'll be better for it.

Last night was good for us and I hope to report back soon that things have greatly improved.

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Alexandria said...

Aw hun. Im glad things are working out. I never knew the issues that were happening, but it's nice to know that you two were able to talk and start fixing yourselves. Big hugs darling!