Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Party Order Arrived!

Thankfully it arrived in time for Mother's Day since some of my customers ordered items for their moms. Now to get out there and deliver! I also have my fundraiser order being processed, and hoping it doesn't take but a week or so to get to me, so I can get them shipped out. The fundraiser didn't do as well as the softball team had hoped, but unfortunately online fundraisers do not do as well as traditional ones. I hope they try to do another one later this year, I do think they would get better results.

Though it didn't go well, I do hope to gain 8 new customers out of it, as I didn't make much commission this time. I plan to send business cards, summer catalogs and flyer's out with the orders, so maybe I'll get a few bounce back customers! Maybe I'll stick a 10% coupon in for their next order as well.

I am really trying to get in on the party circuit, but it's proven harder than I expected. I have asked everyone I know and haven't been able to get any booked, but there's still hope! I am not giving up. I'll be looking around for vendor shows too because I think getting the products out there so people can pick it up and look and see how Tupperware has changed in the last few years they will be surprised.

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