Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Happy Hump Day! LOST Season Finale TONIGHT!

Wow already the middle of the week and still have nothing accomplished. Well ok we do have the clothes washed but have so much more to do for the trip tomorrow. How am I supposed to fit that in and watch the 2 hour season finale of LOST??

I think this will be a long night indeed, up very late no sleep then drive for 8 hours tomorrow after getting up at the crack of dawn. Yes lots of fun! I can't wait! Hmm ok so not really and I wish I had one more day before this all starts.

I am excited about tonights LOST show though, I have been so irritated, stressed and mad at the show this season. Just when I think I have it all figured out they go and add a twist to it! Will Locke or Charlie die? Will the other Losties get shot by Ben and the gang? Is Juliette going to be "good" for good now or is she still plotting? To many questions and I am sure not enough time in this 2 hour episode to answer them all.

Stay tuned and hopefully we'll get the answers that we want and need!

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