Monday, May 7, 2007

Happy Monday!

Whew made it thru the weekend with sleep and I am sooo happy! This is the first weekend in at least 2 to 3 months that I have slept and felt rested when I woke up on Monday morning. I didn't have that typical Monday Blah, I didn't wake up feeling sluggish or anything.

Today's weather is absolutely beautiful, warm weather, slightly breezy and not a cloud in the sky. Oh how I love Spring, except for the allergy problems. I am still having some issues with that, but some rain would help. OH did I mention school is almost out? Jessica has 12 days left and tech it's only 11 since she will not be there the last day.

We are going to SC for my sisters graduation (high school). Yep we are 12 yrs apart lol my mom was crazy starting over! It's been a fun ride watching her grow up and become a young adult and hard to believe she'll be starting college this fall. She is going to USC in Aiken, made their cheerleading squad which she is super excited about!

Other than that there are no big plans for this month, trying to get some cleaning done, the garage reorganized yet again and hopefully the house painted (outside). I would love to take a mini vacation, but dh and I think we'll try to sneak away for the weekend in June to Chattanooga or Nashville. We'll see what this month brings!

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Alexandria said...

So lucky. I woke up Monday morning with a full blown cold.