Tuesday, May 1, 2007

May has arrived

The sun is shining, the kids are still in school for a few more weeks and I am a ray of sunshine... NOT. Another night of not sleeping and my kids waking up at the crack of dawn, yet I get no break from it. My husband knows that I haven't slept well the last week because of my allergies but what does he do? Wake me up to tell me he's leaving and the little one is asleep! OMG I could have killed him. Why would you wake up someone to say I am leaving?? Just leave the freaking house.

So you do know what happened right? She woke up 5 seconds after he walks out of the door. Good thing I was already awake from the dumbass telling me he was leaving. Luckily she's been in a good mood so far, but me not so much.

I think I should get some things accomplished today, answer some emails, get my Tupperware Fundraiser orders tallied up, shower, get dressed, get the girl dressed the list goes on and on. Oh yes and I must go to the store and buy some chips for a Spring Fling party tomorrow, buy Mothers Day Card for my mom and get it sent out in time. If it doesn't get sent today it'll not make it to Hawaii by the 13th.

I would like to get my mom something special, but what? She's been so stressed with my stepdad in Iraq and my sister graduating later this month. She doesn't really need anything (she has more $$ than I do lol) but a card just isn't enough. I sent her flowers for her birthday so can't do those again, plus she flies out of Hawaii the 15th (my birthday) to SC for my sis grad. Hmmmm any ideas?


suzys-mom said...

That is a good question. My mom only needs one thing, for my dad to get well. In the end I bought her a cover for her couch, not very dramatic, but she needs it and doesn't have time to go out and get it. I guess the best advice I can give, is take a few minutes and think about what kind of person she is, is she practical or does she like decorations, or maybe a lunch when she comes to visit?? Good Luck!!

Ambitious Blonde said...

She's got what she "needs" I suppose except for my stepdad home from Iraq lol and well I can't do that! I am sure something will come up just gotta get looking :)

Melissa S. said...

Sorry you're not sleeping well, I know how it can totally ruin the whole day when all you feel like doing is taking a nap!
As far as Mothers Day I usually just send a card, then I take her out to lunch whenever I get up there to see her, which is never actually on Mother's Day. Maybe a gift card for a bookstore or somewhere else she likes to shop?

Ambitious Blonde said...

Thanks for the ideas ladies! I am sure I will think of something. I just hope her card gets there in time!