Thursday, May 10, 2007

TV Shows and My Addiction to Them

Yes I watch TV, probably to much per the standards of society, yep a 4 to 5 hours a week! ACK whatever will I do, rot away to nothing? Doubtful!

So to say I am addicted to TV is wrong, but I am addicted to some TV shows. For instance, I MUST watch LOST every Wednesday night, no interruptions for that 1 hour. This show has been an addiction for me since it first came on, it's my escape for 1 hour. It's an intriguing show, an irritating show, a MUST SEE TV show and at times comedic. I love the characters and the story line, though it's been driving me nuts lately.

Will Locke die? Will Charlie die? Is Jack on the "others" side now? Is Juliette going to change her ways? Will we find out how the "others" got to the island? So many questions and so little time left this season to find out all the answers.

My next addiction is Grey's Anatomy, yes LOVE it and another one of those shows I must watch uninterrupted so I can catch everything. I used to be a huge ER fan, but they kept changing characters so much I had to quit watching, GA has replaced that love!

I tune each week to see what Meredith and McDreamy will do, if Alex will still be the pompous ass he tried to be, will George ever be faithful to his wife, will Izzy find true love again, will Christina and Burke get married and so many more!

Two other shows that I love to watch but don't necessarily think I am addicted, Ugly Betty and October Road. OR just came on this season and has already ended, and I hope for a bring back this summer or fall! UB is about over for the season and yet I am still waiting for Betty to fall in love!

Oh I despise summertime since all the shows go to reruns, but we do get a few new shows that may be worthy of my addiction. Til then!

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Rural Writer said...

Loved this post! Unfortunetly I am a serious TV addict. I am completly addicted to shows like American Justice, City Confidential and Cold Case Files. Then there are my other shows I cannot-Nae, Will Not- miss. Like, Soprano's, Weeds and Big Love. Sad I know but I have no life.