Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Home finally!

Last Thursday we headed out to SC for my sisters graduation, which took a very long 9 hour drive, with 2 kids. Now granted the trip went better than expected thanks to the dvd player we borrowed but it was still a long trip! We arrived late in the day and didn't see the family til even later for dinner.

The next day was the graduation but of course I had to get up bright and early and go to Kohl's to see if I could find some shoes to go with the outfit I had brought. Lucky me I found a great price on some sandals and got 2 pair. Only $9.99 each! I had already picked up a pair I could make do with for $21.00 so this was way better!

Finally back to the hotel where the family stopped by and chatted for an hour or so, by this time it was already 3 pm and we had to be at the graduation at 6 pm. They left at 4 and we had to be at their house by 5 and we had to leave by 5:45 lol. Umm yah ok that was 4 of us to get dressed and over to the house in an hour! Whew we did manage to make it though and the girls looked so cute!

I would be lying if I said I wasn't worried how the kids would act during the ceremony, well ok just Hailey. Jessica did great at her dads college grad which was umm 5 hours long! Hailey was only 2 months old and did great too! Well in the beginning she and dh walked around til it was time for the ceremony to start. No way was she going to sit still for 2 hours, ok well she didn't even make it but about 15 mins and she was ready to get down. So she and dh walked around the football field for almost 2 hours LOL. Poor guy! It was soo hot, and we didn't have anything to drink for him or Hailey. Thankfully the ceremony only lasted an hour once it got started and then off to the house for the party.

The rest of the weekend was kinda a blur, we didn't do anything, family was to busy so we should have come on home. Next time I will know, it really did hurt my feelings though and then they acted all like whats wrong. Well DUH! Anyways, another story for another day.

We came home on Sunday, which happened to be our 7 yr anniversary stuck in a car for 9 hours! The girls were fairly good though which made the trip go better. We got home and rested for 2 days since hubby was off on Mem. Day. This is the first week kids are out of school, so I need to figure out some fun things to do besides our normal playdates.

I hope that everyone had a great and safe weekend!

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